Club Arabella in Bochum – Wattenscheid

A small place of usually 8 to 12 ladies. The illumination is extremely poor, so you might be scared bump into someone you wouldn’t book in daylight. While this risk is real, there’s usually a bunch of nice, fresh chicks also available. Arabella is one of the few real FKK-Clubs, the ladies are naked – except for their boots.

The place is in good condition, at least compared to a lot of the competition in the same price range. It has a nice Sauna with view on some couch action and even a small garden – you probably noticed, that’s important for me ;-) They also offer a little snack, usually soup.

Arabella is one of the Ex – RTCs that keep the old pricing style. And notorious for changing prices without notice, even the website can’t be trusted. That being set, the upper range at

  • Admission +1 Round -> €45,-,
  • Admission +2 Round -> €70,-
  • Admission +3 Round -> €90,-

(+a little for extras) is still a deal! So just relax, if you expected a real bargain of 35, 55, 70 for 1,2,3 times and didn’t get it. Anyway, prices change about avery other week,  so check at least their homepage or evn call them up before going there.

This is not a place to spend the day but a nice break.anyway. The ladies of the night in this place are but ladies off the dark – in the daytime.

When to go to Arabella

Open: every day from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Not being a place to spend long hours, the business in Club Arabella keeps rolling along smoothly – guests come and go, with small peaks around lunch- and after work time.

Usually there’s more sexy girls than (usually not- so-) sexy guys.

The garden and nice interior make this place suitable for all seasons.

Here’s the guide on how to get to Villa Arabella!

Club Arabella: Getting in, dressed and accustomed

Having found the entrance you ring the bell on the black metal gate. Typically a lady will take a look at you and then push the button for the release buzzer. As you pass, she picks two towels – but doesn’t hand them to you just now. First you proceed to the bar – walk straight, then to your left.

Here, you have to decide (yes, in advance!) how many times you want to go to the room and pay the appropriate amount. After that, you receive your two towels ans go back and down the stairs to the locker – room.

This one is quite nice, comparing to other clubs in the lowprice segment. Lockers are new, clean and stable – however, there’s a special one for your valuables upstairs. There’s CCTV in this room. Some walls are covered with thick, dark carpet and they have and old-colonial style armchair. Quite nice.

On the other hand, the slippers-shelf is the extremely cheap type, made of chromed wire. Having undressed, prepare your quilt of a towel. Usually, you receive a slightly larger one for that purpose.

Go back up and start your (little) inspection stroll at the bar, where you paid the admission. If you plan to start in the sauna, grab a fresh towel from the shelf near the entrance.

At the bar, you’ll find a dispenser for soft drinks – it’s self service. On the other end of the bar is a coffe machine, on the other side of the room a little snack – buffet. Usually you’ll find some fruit and Schnittchen or soup.

You’ll certainly see the first completely naked ladies here – yep, real women, prostitutes on top. Ready and willing for some bedroom exercise with you within 30 seconds! Keep your cool!

Walking past the bar you enter the couch-area. To your left and right – and on the infamous red carpet – there’s 2-seater sofas, many occupied with a nice naked, chick smiling at you, trying to make you sit down next to her. They are not allowed to approach you in this place, so you’ll have to makr the first step. But not just yet!

Just check the offering for now. Walk on, in the next room tum right and them right again. Being in a hallway, you have the sauna right in front of you and the door to the garden to your left. Check them both out – and then it’s all up to you: Enjoy!

Club Arabella: Contact with the ladies

Usually, there’s 8 to 10 service-ladies in here. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Given the fairly low service charges, you’ll not usually find the top notch in Villa Arabella. Most have a little flaw, be it age or weight or experience or language skills or whatever.

Vast majority is still very nice, though. On my last visit there were two german milfs (known for excellent service) and a bunch of young, slightly overweight, romanian girls. These are really cute, though sometimes not really professional. But hey: that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? It reminded me of those days of teenage love!

Like i mentioned above, it’s up to you to approach them in here. Better have a couch for yourself a few minutes (I don’t think there’s any without the view on a porno-screen). Check the girls, avoiding too intense eye contact and wait for some more coming from the room. It’s good to watch for any couch action:

The ex-RTCs are famous for it! After a customer sits with a girl, she’ll usually start french kissing and checking out his willi with a hand. He’s more than welcome to to the same with any parts of her body interesting for him! A little later it’ll turn into a public blow job! Good chance for customer and spectator to get an idea of what will happen in the room!

When you’ve made your choice … well, you know what to do, right?

So just 2 more nice things about the sex -part in FKK-Arabella:

a) you pay by the round, not by the minute. So no need to watch the watch or experience a hefty extra fee for staying a minute too long!

b) extra come at an extremely fair price! The französisch total is a bargain for a tenner and anal is only € 20,- (as opposed to €25,- for the Aufnahme and €50 for anal in most places).

Coming from the room, you go to the bar and sort things out. While maybe a bit intimidating at first, this is a nice way of ovoiding those misunderstandings so common with prostitutes in most other places!

Any questions left unanswered? Is some info outdated? Was this Info helpful for you?

Please leave a comment below!


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