Just after posting about two other parties recently, I got the Newsletter from Schieferhof / Bernd’s Saunaclub. You may know, the arguably oldest Saunaclub around! So I’ll just give you an overview – having not been there myself and reading quite a few less-than-excited comments, I can’t really recommend visiting them, however. 3-some Day Every Man’s Fantasies … and say for yourself: What’s better than Sex with a beautiful woman? …Read the Rest

When picking up street hookers causes trouble with the authorities Though prostitution is genrally legal, it’s not allowed in certain …Read the Rest

This just crossed my mind – such a great song! Well there’ll probably be some more parties tomorrow – but …Read the Rest

Judges check brothel

July 1, 2011

Munich: Judges check brothel This is more on the funny side: Do these guys (and gals!) have nothing better to …Read the Rest

“Ass grabber’s” Party at Babylon Elsdorf Another one of the infamous Parties at Babylon Elsdorf will be held on July, …Read the Rest

This appeared in many European media today (amongst others: Swiss Television) but I couldn’t find any “original”article. If you can …Read the Rest

Now this is somewhat off topic. With most of this site being related to prostitution, people, business, services and crimes, …Read the Rest

No Recovery at Villa Vertigo yet

Thought I’d let you know … Recently me and some pals planned a serious guys’ day out and checked the …Read the Rest

Roadside Prostitution: The Handbag Trick

Roadside Prostitutes: The Handbag Trick I mentioned before, that even in Germany prostitution isn’t completely safe and I’m actually writing …Read the Rest

It’s getting tedious, posting all the little quarrels as they happen. So we decided to stuff them together and only …Read the Rest

Celebrating “the pouring of the wholly spirit on the disciples”, pentecost (=50 days – after Easter) is an important day …Read the Rest